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Techno Afrika Academy

About Our Organisation

TechnoAfrika Academy is a Non-Profit Organisation with a sole purpose of supporting schools and disadvantaged communities to improve the quality of education and livelihood through technology.

We aim to foster for a vibrant, inclusive and empowered education system and society. We want to be a catalyst for change in education that will help Africa to fight poverty and building sustainable communities with thriving economies.

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Why We're doing this

In South Africa, the apartheid legacy left SA with an unequal two-tier school system. To date  South Africa spends a higher proportion of its budget towards education than the U.S and  U.K. and other developed countries. But regardless of the great effort which our  government and other stakeholders are doing, our basic education system still has  challenges, science & technology education is still wanting. The following are some of the  issue 

Our Solutions To These Challenges

Our aim is to change this landscape and support public schools in their journey to become excellent and provide high quality education. We have projects that are tailor-made to provide practical exposure to Science and technology and STEM support. We want to help nurture our children in preparation for the 4th Industrial revolution. We assist schools and communities through the following programs:



To be an innovative agent of social and economic change in Africa focused on improving the quality of education and livelihood through technology Solutions.



To provide and promote STEM education in schools and disadvantaged communities to improve education and livelihood.


Our Values

Working collectively to accomplish more.

We are creative and develop innovative solutions to enhance our impact in our communities

We infuse passion and precision in everything we do.

Commitment to excellence and the discipline to continually improve.

Responsiveness to the needs of our external and internal stakeholders